Finito - Finished Nonna di Catania

Inevitably someone will want to know "How long did that take you?" It's always complicated. I remember the day I started late in August and today, the day it's completed. However there was a lot of "in between": some small painting were painted, a commission delivered and life was lived. 

A couple of weeks ago, after there was an arsonist fire at SCSO Auro, a night club in Catania, the red door was painted black. However it was the red door that first made me consider Auro scene along 30 Via Santa Maria del Rosario, Catania with all its street art, color and chaos. I completely changed the center door of the painting to the new black door. 

I didn't want to loose the red door. So I made the second door black reflecting the changing and layered nature of street art and street life. This is not a painting of Auro so much as it is a painting about Auro. Like nonna, I am just a passer-by with memories. 

Nonna di Catania, 72" X 36", oil on aluminum panel,
 December 27th 2018 by Marian Dioguardi (CSO Auro, Via Santa Maria del Rosario, Catania) 


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