Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Auro (CSO Auro, Catania, Sicily), the beloved new subject of my master painting, Nonna della Catania, 36" X 72", was the scene of a fire and altercation on Sunday morning. So...it came to my attention that the wonderful mysterious red door entrance is "different". I am now left wondering whether I should  incorporate this new information into may almost finished painting. I am leaning towards "yes". 

This is where the painting is now. I'm not sure where this new information will  take me.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

SoWa Winter Fest 2018

Nov.30, Friday night thru Sunday afternoon, Dec.2nd is the First weekend of the SoWa Winter Fest.

 My studio mates and I will be open our studio doors to you  at 450 Harrison Ave, # 306, 3rd floor for the evening and the afternoons until 5 PM.

 Mary is the weaver, Deborah is the beader and jeweler and I am, as always, the painter.
 My painting Auro ( o rCSO Auro, Catania, Sicily) will  be featured in the SoWa juried show tent.

Auro by Marian Dioguardi c 2018. Oil on aluminum, 16 X 20 framed, $595

I won't be in the studio but Studio #306 will be open by my studio mates and it will be the last chance to buy my tiles before holiday gift giving. Check out the SoWa Winter Fest weekend in the links here because there is a lot of fun and wonderful gifts to be bought.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Working When I Can

Nonna della Catania; my painting has a title now.  Sometimes life gets in the way of painting but I try to get down to the studio everyday to do something or anything on my painting. Before you know it, there is progress.

Nonna della Catania in early November

Nonna della Catania in late November

Friday, November 2, 2018

Autumn Hydrangeas

Autumn Hydrangeas, 18 X 18, oil on aluminum panel by Marian Dioguardi

A challenging and interesting commissioned painting of dried and fresh hydrangea, all from the same Mophead Hydrangea shrub. They made a beautiful bouquet at the end of September. I got to venture into interesting color spaces that I rarely travel to. I also had to use every tool at my disposal: palette knife, brush, Q tip, and last by not least fingers The painting will dry, be varnished and delivered!