Trust your instincts because it’ might be the Muse.

When I designed a larger, expanded painting based on the Auro study below, I was truly undecided about the yellow Peugeot’s place in the larger painting.
The Peugeot was important for the study.  In my minds eye, my inclination was to leave the Peugeot out in the larger painting. Fans and friends of the yellow Peugeot pleaded with me to keep the car n the painting . Many people told me that the addition of a Nonna figure would be wrong and weird.

So my drawing for the expanded version included the car (and the figure). 

My first painting pass of this large painting included the car only because I want sure where I would place Nonna. Then it happened; in my minds eye, when I thought of the painting, the car kept disappearing.  When went into the studio and saw the actual painting, I was surprised to see the car still there. 

Frustrated, I painted the Peugeot out of the painting. Immediately I felt relief, my shoulders were relaxed. Whenever I looked at painting, I smiled. The Nonna figure placed itself and I’m on my way to the painting that wanted to be painted.

Even my friends and fans insistent that the yellow Peugeot remain now tell me that I made the right decision. However I ask myself: was it my artistic instinct or the Muse? I'll go with the Muse.

My advice:  Never, never refuse the Muse because she might just stop talking to you and telling you what you need to hear.


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