Friday, November 3, 2017

Future First Fridays SoWa 2017-2018 and beyond

Summer in September, oil on panel by Marian Dioguardi, c2017
My last SoWa First Friday in Studio 223B is tonight, November 3rd. From here on I'll be at First Fridays by request, by appointment or by whim in the wonderful studio #306, at 450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA of  Mary Mandarino, weaver, and Deborah Macfail, bead jewelry designer. It's a studio bright with complimentary jewel colors of beads and threads where my painting will feel right at home on the wall.
After nearly nine years of being in studio 223B I wanted a creative change. I find that I am more productive painting uninterrupted in my messy studio at home. However, I love having a curated space on a wall for my paintings, new and old, that I can share with interested visitors. Because I do not need to rent floor space to paint and with this new big show wall  in Studio #306 I have it all.

You can call, 617-332-9967, or drop me an email,,when you want to come by to see my paintings. I'll meet you at studio #306 at your pleasure. 

And now; onward to painting and surprises. And so it goes.

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