SOUTH END OPEN STUDIOS - SoWa - Sept. 16th and 17th, 2017

September 16th and 17th my studio, 223B, will be open to you and the public during the neighborhood-wide South End Open Studios at the 450 Harrison, Ave, Boston building and beyond. The SoWa Open Market will be in full swing featuring crafts and food trucks along Thayer and Harrison Street.

My new series of buoy paintings will be featured this weekend during Open Studios.  The buoy series is a continuation of my interest in humble yet beautiful working objects from life; objects that are discarded after serving with purpose and beauty. Believing that beauty is never truly lost, I find these objects captivating in their color and compositions and noble in their humble service to life. Come and see buoys in a whole new color and light and life.

Up Close and Personal with the Buoys, 30 X 30, by Marian Dioguardi  $3,150

Little Green Buoy, 12 x 12, by Marian Dioguardi, $525

Odd Couple Buoys, 12 X 12, by Marian Dioguardi, $525
Crazy Color Buoy, by Marian Dioguardi, $550


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