Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SoWa Salon Sunday vs First Friday 2017

The Green Buoy, 16 X 20 oil painting by Marian Dioguardi, $1250

SoWa Artist District is known for having branded First Friday. Everyone knows about First Friday Open Studios. So what's this Salon Sunday all about and how does it compare to a First Friday? 

- SoWa Salon Sunday is a once a year event. First Friday happens all year round on the first Friday of the month

- SoWa Salon Sunday is all the open studios but in the afternoon hours from 12-5 PM. First Friday is held at the end of the week in the evening hours from 5-9 PM. It's open studios at the end of the day and at the end of the week. 

- SoWa Salon Sunday, being in the afternoon, is a more leisurely way to browse and buy art with the entire family. First Friday's late hours are often more suitable for adults and date night.

- SoWa Salon Sunday is on a Sunday and more convenient for working couples at the end of the week, those who work Friday nights and those observing shabbat. Friday evening has more demands and often with the best intentions, those wanting to come to First Friday are just too tired.

- Because SoWa Salon Sunday is a special event PARKING IS FREE. On First Fridays street parking and parking lots are charging their regular commercial rates.

So come on by my studio 223B on Salon Sunday. You will have the pleasure of all the open studios and you find that many artists will be previewing their new work before the May Art walk. I will be introducing some new pieces from my Buoy Series. Enjoy this convenient, leisurely and social open studios event. Many artists will be serving light refreshments as well.

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