Where Does It All Begin? Where Does It All End

New Year. New things: my work will be featured in a two person exhibit with Marcia Wise at the Daniels Gallery February-March. My chaotic buoy paintings will be featured along side Marcia's dynamic and colorful landscape interpretations. Also my buoy piece, A Bunch of  Buoys, was accepted in the highly competitive Duxbury Winter Juried Show and will be on display from February- April at the Art Museum Complex in Duxbury. Details are in the Events and Exhibit section of my web page. 

Dioguardi 2020 the start of Where does it All Begin
SO where does it all begin?  I ask this question about life, ideas, and process. The answer for me is when I have a thought or take an action recognizing that something is happening.

The beginning of my transparent cup series started five years ago. My continuation of the series was delayed because of my buoy series and other directions of the Muse (rule no. 1- ALWAYS listen to the Muse). I really didn't know when or if I would pick up this series again but I always kept the cups in my studio to remind me how much I loved those colors. Fast forward to 2020 I've begun (again). 

  • The set up came first. (plastic cups to the right)
  • The size/scale determination came second. (3 X 5 foot aluminum substrate)
  • The process begins with back to basics:drawing, drawing drawing.(painting, erasing, correcting)

Dioguardi 2020 Work in progress
Reality sets in: the agony. It's a struggle and I return to back to basic drawings. I erase more, correct more and draw more. I doubt myself, the idea, the Muse. I begin again.

detail from Where Does It All Begin _ Dioguardi 2020

It's coming together now.  I'll soon be asking myself Where Does It All End? And so it goes.


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