Painting Interrupted : Painting is what I do in between life.

Garden of Summer, 36 inches by 48 inches, oil on aluminium panel by Marian Dioguardi c2019

There are gardens to tend, meals to cook, friends to see, family and pest to care for. And then there is laundry, making beds and sweeping floors. Painting is what I do in between life. Life always has a way on inserting itself into any plan, even the plan to paint.

It's been two months since I posted a blog. It's been longer than that since I posted a new painting. It has been a summer of pauses and stops and fits and goes. Persistence and patience make all the difference. This is not about "when things get tough the tough get going"; this is about knowing that you need to keep on keeping on and you will get there. And that's why I didn't blog: because I needed to be painting at any opportunity that presented itself rather than write.

I did not planned to paint a garden painting but .. then I couldn't NOT paint this once I saw the painting in my mind's eye. Inspired by my garden and the June light, I started this painting on a panel I had cut for a different another one. This was a difficult painting to chase down to the finish.  I sketched from life, I took a photo, moved things around, changed scales, used the flowers from one planter to paint in another. Painted, scraped out and painted again. I picked petunias and kept them on a vase in the studio..I did anything I had to do to take this painting "home", as jazz musicians say.

That's what painters do and so it goes.


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