What happens next? News from the Dungeon (my studio) May 24th

It's been a while since I have been able to get into my studio, affectionately known as the "Dungeon" because it's in the bottom of a turret in the back of the house. After the success of Newton Open Studios I had some choices to make including what to paint next....

Did I want to paint a series?
Did I want to return to painting on gesso panels?
Did I want to continue with aluminum and copper?
Did I want to try something new?

I came to an interesting decision; to paint only paintings that speak to me either on an emotional level or on a skill level. I'm no longer so intent with working up series. I'm open because the one thing that is certain; one painting leads to another. As I say: no matter what I paint-there I am.

BTW I decided to stay with the aluminium.
Un-primed aluminum panel

Primed aluminum panel
I'm starting a big painting on primed aluminum and a small painting on un-primed aluminum . The big painting: "Trolley Snacks and More" at Lechmere Trolley Station was a snack shop (and more) that closed due to renovations on the Green line so will never be seen again. It's was a quirky place and no one thought it would be iconic.

The little painting on un-primed aluminum panel is an experiment.I'll do a still life of my neon cups for fun (yeah it's important to also have fun). I also need to find out whether the paint adheres. If it does then this little painting will turn into a big project. So it goes


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