News and Updates May 7 2019 - SoWa Second Sundays - Art Outside

Mother's Day is May 12th which is also SoWa Second Sunday 11-4 PM. If your Mum loves art and being with you why don't you take her to SoWa Guild's open studios. If your Mum likes shopping; the Open Market (weather permitting) will be full of craft vendors. If your Mum likes eating, drinking, and people watching; there are food trucks and the Farmers' Market. If your Mum wants a stroll down memory lane; visit the Vintage Market. If Mum is thirsty; take her for a drink at the Power Station Beer Garden just down the block. You'll also have an opportunity to buy Mum that painting that you've caught her eyeing but that she won't buy for herself.  I'll be in studio #306 with art tiles, everyone's favorite gift.

I have been doing very little painting since Newton Open Studios for three reasons:

  • I have a lot of chores and paperwork to catch up on.
  • I have no painting substrates (that is an underlying layer or substance) meaning no canvas, panel or in my case, aluminum.
  • I have been doing the gardening or "art outside" as it can be called. 

However the paperwork is nearly at an end. More aluminum substrate is on order. All the planting and gardening will be completed by May 31st. 

I promise some serious painting will be happening after that

In the meanwhile, to amuse you  here are garden images from this morning. These give you an idea of what I am managing, maintaining and creating outside.

And now for something whimsical. This is a painting that was for an hour and a half  demo for the staff and patients at Mount auburn Hospital. It's not my typical painting style but I wanted to paint something that people walking quickly by could immediately relate to. A grey day in a hospital requires bright and fun. (it's not completed yet).


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