Newton Open Studios 2019. It's coming up! Art In the Villa

Experimentation; it's been trying a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Something is happening but I'm not sure what. But you can see all this happening for yourself at Art In the Villa the 2019 Newton Open Studios, April 6th & 7th .  Location # 8 -t 22 Burnham Road, West Newton.

6 X 6 in oil painting on copper. Big Sky - Little Painting by Marian Dioguardi 2019

Having spent a little time this winter on the West Coast I was caught up watching spectacular sunsets. I have used the excuse of painting sunsets to experiment with painting on copper and on coppery colored panels.

Painting on a slippery surface such as aluminum or copper is a freeing experience. The paintings are looser and more "painterly" meaning more textured, softer edges between shapes and more dynamic.

Painting on copper is an immersive experience because by the time I start painting I have a special relationship with the beautiful copper surface that has taken time and care to prepare. It's feels like a privilege to paint on copper.

Big Sky-Little Painting series, 6 x 6 in oil on copper

The first series here "Big Sky - Little Paintings" were my studies to learn the how to paint on a copper surface. At the end of this series, I made the decision  to change mediums allowing for a more fluid and transparent effect. The result is here in Fire Sky, a 7 X 9 in oil painting study on mounted copper. 

7 X 9 in oil painting study on mounted copper. Fire Sky by Marian Dioguardi 2019
The way that process and experimentation works is that one thing leads to another. And so it goes. 


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